A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

V.H.S is a first person horror game where the player can change the frequency of the camera to reveal either the environment or the monsters. But only one at a time.

V.H.S was made in 48h for the Global Game Jam 2017, at the Isart Digital in Paris. This is the post-jam version.

The game is best played with an Xbox controller (playable with mouse and QWERTY keyboard too).

Credits :

Game Design - Julien Metzger
Game Art - Pierre Brouchet / Swann Klein
Game Programming - Antoine Bordes / Antoine Eschenbrenner
Sound Design - Aurélien Montero

The original version of the game that we made in 48h can be found here: http://globalgamejam.org/2017/games/vhs-videohorrorstory

UPDATE: A Mac version of the game is now available.

WARNING: The game can trigger seizure to some people. It contain flashing lights and repetitive rapid noise effects on screen.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsggj2017, Global Game Jam, Horror, vhs
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller


VHS Game 46 MB
VHS Game 49 MB


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Great game. I love the VHS effect and having to change frequencies to see monsters.

My gameplay starts at 09:34:

Thanks for the video !

I have a problem, When I launched this game, It wasn't working it's just nothing I don't know why what is this reason, A Bug?!

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Sorry to hear that.
On what system are you playing on ?

Microsoft Windows 10.

Mmh, really odd. The build is really old now but it should work on modern systems. Maybe it has something to do with your  firewalls, or something else blocking the program ?

for a game jam game this was good. Was a great concept but made the gameplay tough as switching between frequencies was not easy or quick! The ambience and sounds we so creepy and made the game that much more scary! 

Making it a bit tough is kinda by design :) 
Glad you enjoyed it nonetheless ! 

Markiplier played this

Cool game and awesome mechanics (a little clunky but first time I've seen anything like it).  Cheers!

Thanks !

Hey, developer, this is great game of yours. I would like more of them. Keep on going with your projects. Overall the game is great but my mouse is a bit sensitive when I play.

Thanks !

It was a game made during a really short amount of time, we couldn't put options for controls or mouse sensitivity. Sorry for that.

Hey! for some reason its saying the game needs to be updated to work on recent Mac OS? Sorry if this isn't the right place to let you know :( i just rlly wanna play the game.


It's possible the available Mac build is too old for the new versions of the Mac OS. Sorry for that.

Was this game inspired by the V/H/S horror movie series?

Absolutely not, we were inspired by the actual VHS tapes.

It's pure coincidence that we have the same name as the movies.

This game was amazing just had to make a video on it


Thanks !

keep making games like this 

nice game i love it 

Danke ! Schön dass es dir gefehlt !

will this game run on a low end laptop? thank u

I think so, really depends on what you call a low end. What's your laptop's specs ?

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to be honest men! i love the horror game genre i really love the game . and the good thing is. it runs in my Low End Laptop i really have the oldest laptop im using for gaming and streaming. LOVE YOUR GAME! i give it a 9/10 honest rate. hope you create another one with MORE JUMPSCARES!

Thanks ! Glad to hear it worked well on your computer !


This game has one of the coolest mechanics I've ever seen in an indie horror game! Absolutely loved this. Here's my playthrough:


I thoroughly loved the concept. This is great. I wish you guys had more time to iron out the frequencies a bit more since they are a bit jagged for my liking and make it hard to move at times but for a Jam, this is a great outcome. Nice work!


SKIP TO 30:52!!!

This is a great horror game beautiful graphics and very unique concept compared to other horror games ive played by far this one is one of the best!

Hey my sickass just played your game :) i did crap but i loved the idea of the game was very cool :D   even with being ill.

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Definitely cool and different. Those monsters gave me the business. Still was a lot of fun to play tho. 

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Nice if you had fun, thanks for the video !

Definitely had fun. :) You're welcome! 

Fun Game!!

Thanks for the video !

I really love the concept of this game! Great job!

Thanks for the video !

Well, I hope it'll help!

I personally hate horror games because they often have jump scares and stuff and that makes my heart go jump from one place to the other, but that one was amazing! I really enjoyed the switching mechanic, and you managed to evolve a creepy mood without just freaking me out. <3 Happily I wrote a little article about your game and also uploaded a gameplay video of it, in the hope that more players might be driven to your entry. :) Amazing work!

Best wishes,

Thanks for the article !

You're very welcome. :)

WOW! This Game ist very Amazing!!! :D I LOVE IT ^^

He he nice ! Glad you liked it !

This game is creepy and funny at the same time. Relly good idea.

Glad to see you had such fun playing the game !

very good art style. would like to see more

Thanks for the comment !

Neat stuff, very original concept.


Glad to hear that ! Thanks !

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Digging the concept :D.

Thanks for the video !

The jumpscares for me were simply too much!!!

Actually, there is no jumpscare in the game technically. You walked straight into the monster most of the time, it's not because you can't see the him, he's not here (same goes for the objects btw) :)

Looks great! Get back to me on Tim@playsource.co for further feature


We can't understand your language, but it's look like you liked the game, that's nice ! :)

Thanks for the video !

my language is arabic and yes the game is amazing

Okay, I wasn't sure. Too bad You Tube isn't good enough to make a good translation by himself on the video. If you have feedbacks for us in english, it would be really usefull and awesome for us !

We understand french and german too. Maybe it's better for you ? :)

Hi i recorded a video in this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYTXPEJRZCk

Thanks for the video !

No problem

this game is something ^_^ a bit scary and have the perfect game play time ...at least for me XD watch me video


Thanks !

I watched some gameplays, this is creepy and well designed but i think it's a bit short, does it really end in this way or are there some easter eggs?

It's a bit short because we made the game in a short amount of time (48 hours exactly) ! :)

(Maybe there is easter eggs too)

What a terrifying and brilliant experience. LOVE to see more of this!

Thanks ! We hope we will be able to make a bigger better game, such comments is good motivation for us !

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Such an incredible concept; i'm surprised it hasn't been done before this (to my knowledge)! Would love a sequel, or even an expanded version with different threats and similar-concept item implication. Would be awesome! Looking forward to future endeavors!

Thanks for the nice comments !

Loved the idea, and would love to see it expanded and added more threats, kinda got easy after learning the path the monsters took, but overall really good!

Glad you liked the game ! We didn't had the time to create a real AI for the monster in only 48 hours, so for for the moment it's pretty easy to overcome his pre-determined path. Hope it will be better in a bigger game. :)

I can't wait to play the bigger game! I absolutely loved the idea for this game. It still amazes me what people can make in 48 hours! Keep up the good work!

Concept was good, and the monsters were pretty terrifying, but I feel as though rather than surfing through frequencies, it should have been a quick button press. Otherwise, good game!

Thanks so much!

We had the one button press in mind for a moment, but it takes away a part of the stress you can get from changing frequencies. Actually we want to lose the player a little bit in the environment with such a mechanic. :)

Nice video btw !

I really like the concept of the game! I love how I was basically in control of the environment and how I have to be smart about my actions or else I boned myself lol. but I would really love to see you guys expand on this game (why we're in this place to begin with, what's going on, what's up with the monster, etc etc) otherwise it was a really great game for being made in a short amount of time! Hope to see more from you guys! :D

Thanks for the nice comments !

No problem, you guys deserve it! :D

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I really like the concept, but I feel the levels are slightly to tight/cramped for it to really shine. Much of the time I had to just go in randomly and scout ahead, because trying to figure out the layout of objects and avoiding the monster at the same time is a bit hard :D

Loved the visuals and the areas though. The way things looks really works well.

With slightly more space and fewer tight corridors this could be a really cool thing! Want to see more in the future!

Nice video ! Losing a little bit the player by figuring out the environment and where the monster is, is actually the whole point of the game :)

The game was made in 48 hours, so yeah, the level design is not the best you can get, it can be tight sometimes. If we make a bigger game, it won't like that we think.

ah fair enough! It''s a really neat concept so I'm hoping to see more from you guys in the future! For a 48hr game you really did a good job with the game mechanics and atmosphere

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